Beautiful lacy coasts, blue Aegean Sea and ancient sights
lighted by the Greek sun. This is Thasos island.
It is located in Greece, at a 7Km distance from the coastline
of the Eastern Macedonia, and it’ s forests of  platens, firs,
oaks and pines cover almost 7/10 of the island’s surface,
which is 393 Km2.

Here, in Thassos island, you can visit the ancient city’s walls,
the dedicated to ancient Greek God "Apollon" temple,  the
ancient theatre where in the summer time plays are revived,
Acropolis and the chapel of Dionysus along with it’s monu-

You can swim at the unique shallow water coasts, where olive
groves and sometimes forests end there, and taste the unre-
peatable local delicacies.

The habitants of the island are known for their hospitality.
The main products of the island are olives, olive-oil, honey
and wine.

Thasos belongs to the district of Kavala. The population of the
island is about 13.5 thousand inhabitants.



Skala Potamia Beach
Location: It is located in Skala Potamia.
Description: This is a wonderful beach to relax on the soft
sand. It is well organized and gets very popural in summer.

Paradise Beach
Location: It is located 1 km after koinyra.
Description: Paradise is among the most popular beaches
on Thassos. It is famous for the picturesque location and the
soft, white sand.

Location: It is 17 km south from Skala Potamia.
Description: This is one of the most beautiful site on Thas-
sos. White sand beach, calm sea with soft sand in and out of
the water.

Marmaro Beach
Location: It is 5 km south east from Thassos town.
Description: This is a sandy beach with beautiful ambience
and it is surrounded by lush greenery.

Location: It is 7 km south east from Thassos town.
Description: This is an impressive beach, with golden sand
and crystalline waters. It is surrounded by dense vegetation
reaching down to the sea.

Location: It is 26 km south from Skala Potamia.
Description: The Giola is a beautiful natural lagoon, like a
swimming pool carved into the rocks. The water is warmer
than the sea, which makes it pleasant for swimming.

Location: It is 23 km south from Skala Potamia.
Description: Livadi is a great spot for swimming and it is
secluded by lush nature.

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